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Traveling Instructor : AR-15, AK-47, Saiga 12, Glock, Beretta, Sig... and much more!


poconoshootingrange@gmail.com or call/text (347) 685-2476.

Black Powder Shooting

Black powder shooting is a lot of fun. It is also economical and you will spend more time at the range shooting large caliber guns for less money. Black powder firearms are part of our American tradition and something that should be experienced by anybody who loves firearms. Black powder firearms are the firearms of the American Revolution and Civil War era. The civil war revolvers are in a class above modern day pistols because these were designed for use as assault weapons in Calvary charges. Modern pistols are intended for personal defense at short distances. More information on Black Powder Ballistics here: Black Powder Ballistics

Black Powder Revolvers are different then modern firearms, where bullet, propellant and primer are contained within a single casing know as a cartridge. With pre 1870 revolvers, black powder was poured loosely into each chamber of the revolver. A ball was then loaded into each chamber and then rammed down using a built in lever and plunger. Caps were then placed on the back of the cylinder. The hammer strikes the caps which then set off the powder inside the cylinder propelling the ball out the muzzle.


Why should you learn to use firearms???

Well, for one thing…it’s fun. But there is a much more profound reason... It is your patriotic duty.

The purpose of the Second Amendment is to arm people in order to prevent future tyranny. They need the tools to do this. The term "Well Regulated" in the Second Amendment meant "Well Manned and Equipped " in 1791 as was determined in the 1939 United States v. Miller case after referencing the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. The concept of Government Regulation, as we understand it today, did not exist at the time. United States v. Miller also determined that the term "Arms" refers to "Ordinary Military Weapons". American Citizens have the right to Keep and Bear, which means Own and Carry, any weapons that a soldier carries into battle. That includes past, present and future weapons. A Militia consisted of armed volunteers willing to fight with their personal arms and not under contract.  "Shall not be infringed" means no government restrictions. The American people still have a lot of work to do with regard to taking back their rights.

The Bill of Rights' 2nd Amendment is the result of the Founding Fathers' wisdom and foresight. They were wary of the devolution that some consider inevitable in any truly free society. Their familiarity with history's civilizations (Greek, Roman, Byzantine) warned them that, in many cases, the greatest threat rises from within. They considered the over-concentration of power one such threat, as power limited to the few...could lead to tyranny over the many.

Given the establishment of a centralized government, the Founding fathers sought to mitigate this power by enabling the lawful arming of its citizenry. However, America is neither Greece nor Rome. Why must we assume that the U.S. will suffer a similar fate?

First, one must recognize that America is still a young society. Prior civilizations stood much longer, but all eventually fell. Rome had been a stable republic for over 500 years before it fell to tyranny. The Founding Fathers understood the need to hope for the best...but prepare for the worst. The Right to Bear Arms is a mechanism to deal with, or better yet to prevent, that worst-case scenario.

The Second Amendment is not about hunting and it is not about personal protection -- it is the fourth check and balance of this Republic. The Right to Bear Arms was specifically adopted so the people could protect themselves from a future tyranny. We know what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they gave us the Second Amendment because they told us in their own individual statements and we were also told in the Federalist Papers. The Federalist Papers consist of 85 essays outlining how the Federal Government would operate and why this type of government was the best choice for the United States of America. Within these essays we see the reasons why the Founding Fathers gave us the Second Amendment.

It should be noted that the Founding Fathers considered both the benefits, and consequences, of the 2nd Amendment. In their own day, they witnessed firearms falling into the hands of criminals. Worse than that, they saw firearms falling into the hands of Indians through rogue merchants. In those days Indians were regarded as a threat similar to our current regard of gangs and drug cartels. One may argue that Indians posed an even greater threat, given the fact that Indians of that era were more widespread and better organized (eventually, the U.S. would see them united into a formidable force during the War of 1812, allied with Britain). Our elected leaders often do not realize how easy they have it only having to deal with petty gangs and drug cartels.

The Founding Fathers gave us the Second Amendment because they feared future tyrants more than armed criminals or Indians. It was the lesser of evils. For this reason, I have made it my goal to do my part to help train as many people as I can in the safe use of firearms and help them understand the Bill of Rights... so that we can guarantee that this free country stays a free country.

The difference between American Farmers and the European Serfs is that the American Farmers had guns and could not be subdued. The first military engagement of American Revolution was on April 19, 1775 as the British attempted to seize arms stored by ordinary citizens at Concord. America began the quest for its freedom and independence as a direct result of American Colonists having equal access to the same firearms as the tyrants who oppressed them. Unrestricted access to firearms is the reason why we are free citizens today and not subjects to a Royal Crown.

It is certain, and it has been ruled so by the Supreme Court of the United States that the Right to Bear Arms is an Individual Right.


In 2008 and 2010, the Supreme Court of the United States , in landmark decisions, recognized an individual’s right to possess a firearm even if that possession is not related to participation in a militia.

This is very important! Critics of the Right to Bear Arms have argued that, due to the phrase “well regulated militia”, the freedoms associated with this Right are strictly defined, and limited in scope.

The Supreme Court’s decision, however, clarifies that the use of this phrase neither expands nor mitigates the boundaries of this Right. It also refers to the Anti-Federalist notion of the dangers of an overly powerful government disarming its citizens, a precursor to tyrannical rule.

Other highlights of this ruling are:

1.) the acknowledgement of language within state constitutions that recognized this Right, both before and after the adoption of the Second Amendment.

2.) the statement that prior rulings addressing this issue do not contradict or lessen this ruling

3.) the statement that laws instituting blind bans on handguns and/or requiring trigger-locks (within the context of self-defense) are unconstitutional.

Legal Representation:

Swordsmanship Training

The Sword is strictly a tool of war for the nobility (fighting class) and identified a person a member of the nobility. Peasants and clergy were usually prohibited from carrying a sword for this reason. It takes years of training to learn to use a sword effectively in real combat. Only the nobility had the time and resources to engage in this time consuming training. All equipment will be provided. Various levels of training are available from drilling to full contact sparring in Rapier, Bastard Sword, Sword and Shield.

Bachelor Party Armored Sword Fighting

The Bachelor will be fitted with Medieval Armor trained to fight at full power and full speed over a two hour session.

Here are some videos of armored combat.... Bruises Guaranteed !!!


Bill Tsafa in White Gambeson with Yellow Shield!

With Funny Commentary!


Archery Training is also available.

Contact Info:

You may contact me at: poconoshootingrange@gmail.com or call (347) 685-2476.

About Me

I am Bill Tsafa and I am known across the internet for my swordsmanship. I hold a B.S. in Accounting from C.U.N.Y., Brooklyn College, and make my living as an Accountant. I was born and grew up in NYC, but after many years of being denied my Second Amendment Right, I moved to Pennsylvania.

I acquired my swordsmanship skills through my participation in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) and through the study of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA). I have received my firearm training and certifications through the National Rifle Association (NRA).

It is my goal to teach people about their constitutional rights to own and use firearms. It is my hope that those people will then pass the knowledge on to other people and vote for political candidates who will protect the Individual's Right to Bear Arms.


(347) 685-2476



(347) 685-2476

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