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Private Training at your Home Range

Traveling Instructor : AR-15, AK-47, Saiga 12, Glock, Beretta, Sig... and much more!

Recreational Shooting

poconoshootingrange@gmail.com or call/text (347) 685-2476.


Private Training in Self Defensive


Black Powder Shooting

Learn to shoot Civil War Flintlock muskets... or Civil War Cap and Ball Rifles and Revolvers.

Black Powder Revolvers are different then modern firearms, where bullet, propellant and primer are contained within a single casing know as a cartridge. With pre 1870 revolvers, black powder was poured loosely into each chamber of the revolver. A ball was then loaded into each chamber and then rammed down using a built in lever and plunger. Caps were then placed on the back of the cylinder. The hammer strikes the caps which then set off the powder inside the cylinder propelling the ball out the muzzle. Powder Ballistics here: Black Powder Ballistics


The meaning of the Second Amendment

Right to Bear Arms.... not NEED

Arms = Ordinary Military Equipment 
Bear= Carry
Militia = Not enlisted, not contracted armed citizens
Regulated = In good working order. As in well regulated clock.
Shall not be infringed = No Restrictions

What is the Militia?

Lets ask the man who wrote it... "I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people, except for a few public officials."
— George Mason, co-author of the Second Amendment, in Debates in Virginia Convention on Ratification of the Constitution, Elliot, Vol. 3, June 16, 1788

What did "well regulated" mean when the Second Amendment was written?

Lets look at a dictionary from that time period... The following are taken from the Oxford English Dictionary, and bracket in time the writing of the 2nd amendment:
1709: "If a liberal Education has formed in us well-regulated Appetites and worthy Inclinations."
1714: "The practice of all well-regulated courts of justice in the world."
1812: "The equation of time ... is the adjustment of the difference of time as shown by a well-regulated clock and a true sun dial."
1848: "A remissness for which I am sure every well-regulated person will blame the Mayor."
1862: "It appeared to her well-regulated mind, like a clandestine proceeding."
1894: "The newspaper, a never wanting adjunct to every well-regulated American embryo city."
Well regulated = In good working order

The Full Meaning of the Second Amendment:

Lets look at the context of where The Second Amendment is found... in the Bill of Rights. Everything in the Bill of Rights protects the people from the Government. The Framers of the Constitution were looking ahead 20, 200, 500, 1000... years in the future and put The Second Amendment in the Constitution as a mechanism to deter and guard against future tyrants / dictators.

Swordsmanship Training

The Sword is strictly a tool of war for the nobility (fighting class) and identified a person a member of the nobility. Peasants and clergy were usually prohibited from carrying a sword for this reason. It takes years of training to learn to use a sword effectively in real combat. Only the nobility had the time and resources to engage in this time consuming training. All equipment will be provided. Various levels of training are available from drilling to full contact sparring in Rapier, Bastard Sword, Sword and Shield.

Bachelor Party Armored Sword Fighting

The Bachelor will be fitted with Medieval Armor trained to fight at full power and full speed over a two hour session.

Here are some videos of armored combat.... Bruises Guaranteed !!!


Bill Tsafa in White Gambeson with Yellow Shield!

With Funny Commentary!


Archery Training is also available.


It is my goal to teach people about their constitutional rights to own and use firearms. It is my hope that those people will then pass the knowledge on to other people and vote for political candidates who will protect the Individual's Right to Bear Arms.


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Time / Mass Theory


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(near: Mt. Pocono,Tannersville, Blakeslee, Pocono Pines, Cresco, New Foundland, Scotrun, Gouldsboro, Hamlin, Stroudsburg, Scranton, Pocono Mountain, Pocono Summit, Brodheadsville, Pocono Country Place, Pocono Farms, Breezwood Acres, Lake Naomi, Split Rock)